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The Tire Rack Street Survival school is a safe teen driving program designed to go beyond today’s required driver’s education minimums and give teens across the U.S. the driving tools and hands-on experience they need to become safer, smarter drivers. Schools are designed to give each student trained, qualified in-car driving instruction as well as valuable classroom experience.

Host: Gulf Coast Region

Registration: $75


Have questions? check out the Street Survival FAQ.

For Parents

The Tire Rack Street Survival school is designed to equip your child with valuable driving skills that will help keep them safe on the road. You are encouraged to spend the day with your student. You will be able to attend the classroom portion while instructors are teaching the students.  The instructors will be available throughout the day to answer questions you might have about the course events your son or daughter are going through.

If you decide to spend the day with us, please dress accordingly and come prepared for a day outside. There may or may not be an indoor classroom depending on the school venue. Please have your child check with the local registrar ahead of time so you both know what to expect. You may also want to bring a chair to stay comfortable while watching the activities, or possibly even have a good book in case you need a break from watching the activities.

Many schools need extra volunteers. If you are interested in being even more involved in your child's Street Survival experience, we encourage you to let the local school registrar know when registering.

Do parents have to attend?

We cannot require that you come to the class, but we strongly suggest that you do. Join the classroom sessions to familiarize yourself with the material your child is learning. And who knows, even though you've been driving for many years, there just may be a few things that are new to you as well.

We also feel that the importance of driving education and seriousness of this issue is reinforced when your new driver sees you taking an active interest in what they are doing.

What kind of waiver or consent is needed?

If your driver is attending the school as a minor, they must have the written consent of all parents/guardians. The one exception is a parent with sole custody of a minor child. All parents or guardians must be present on the day of the event to sign the Minor Release and Waiver of Liability in front of the school officials or have the waiver notarized prior to the event if unable to be present.

Think of it this way. The waiver must be notarized prior to the event if a minor attending the event cannot have all parents/guardian(s) present to sign the release waiver at the event in front of school officials.

For Students

At the one-day Tire Rack Street Survival school, you will gain valuable skills to improve your driving techniques. You won’t just sit in a classroom listening to a boring lecture; you will be behind the wheel, driving through real-world exercises.

Check with the local registrar ahead of time to find out about the facilities. The classroom may be outdoors as well and you should be prepared for whatever the weather may be that day — bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, etc. as you feel necessary for the sunny days. If your local forecast calls for rain or cooler temperatures, be prepared with an umbrella and warm clothing. The Tire Rack Street Survival schools occur rain or shine. In fact, rain helps some of the exercises.

Your parents may want to bring a comfortable chair to sit outside to watch the activities, or possibly even have a good book in case they tire of watching the activities. Some of the schools may need extra help. If interested in volunteering, your parents should contact the school registrar and let them know they are interested in helping with the school.

Suggestions for getting the most from your day with us

  1. See the FAQ page for rules regarding age requirements and vehicle type restrictions (SUV and high center of gravity vehicles).

  2. Shoes must be closed toe, no sandals. We recommend running or tennis shoes.

  3. Hat, sunglasses, bug spray, sunscreen, rain gear, jeans or shorts are acceptable.

  4. Lunch will be provided by the school for all students and parents. Plenty of water will be available.

  5. Dress comfortably and accordingly. Check the local weather report the night before the event. This suggestion is for the student’s comfort. The event goes on rain or shine and you should  prepare for it being hot or cold or wet.

  6. Bring an open mind, with an attitude and willingness to learn.

Vehicle Requirements

  1. See the FAQ page for rules regarding vehicle type restrictions (SUV and high center of gravity vehicles)

  2. The car must be in good mechanical condition and safe in the opinion of the instructor. A brief safety inspection is required of each car before it is allowed to participate.

  3. The car used at the event must be a legally registered, licensed, and insured to participate. We will not accept any race cars or special use vehicles into the school.

  4. The use of nitrous oxide will not be allowed in any vehicle so equipped. Our instructors will verify the bottle is turned off during the entire event.

  5. No visible leaks of any kind.

  6. The tires must have visible tread and not worn to or beyond the wear bars.

  7. All four tires must have the recommended pressure as listed in the Owners manual for the car. Do NOT over inflate the tires past the recommended pressures. The pressures listed on the side wall of the tire is the MAXIMUM pressure, not the recommended pressure (this is a good way for the parent to teach the teen how to fill the tires and to check them regularly).

  8. The car, including the trunk, must be cleaned of all loose items before participating. Please remove these items before coming to the school. Loose items in the vehicle the morning of the school will be removed and set outside of the car until the end of the day.

  9. The battery and spare tire must be secure.

  10. Have plenty of gas in the car for the day’s event.